What Industries Does UEA Serve?

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 in UEA Blog

Slip RingUEA has been working with a customer to supply a customized slip ring for an upcoming amusement park ride. The demanding use of the slip ring in the application, along with its location in the equipment, a lot of design time, collaboration with our customer, and prototyping was taken into consideration to deliver an assembly that met both the high-quality standards of UEA and the design specifications and reliability our customer was looking for. 

The circuits needed for the ring are 40 AMP power circuits, along with low-level Ethernet circuits. Harnesses and cabling for the assembly installed by UEA for easy customer installation include high temperature rated wiring for the high heat area the assembly will be installed in, and M12 connectors for the Ethernet circuits for a quick and easy install. Minimum bend radiuses on the wires and cables were also taken into account, as the tight enclosure the slip ring is fitting in to requires the harnesses to be flexible and routed to specific locations. To keep up with the high rotational demand, a ball bearing is used on one end of the assembly to keep the unit centered and free to rotate through its entire life. The assembly also includes extended studs on the outer portion of the slip ring for the customer to retain to, and a mounting tube flange with a customer recommended bolt hole pattern to mount the center portion of the assembly. Attached to the end of the assembly, on the outside of the slip ring, is a customer specified encoder used for position sensing. Finally, the slip ring uses a Slip Ring 2wrap-around style cover with latches and seals, which keeps out dust and debris, but also allows for easy accessibility and maintenance if needed.

While some of the design features differed from our more common assemblies, UEA was able to work with the customer to provide a solution for their unique application.  Whether your application is as demanding as the one stated above, or you just need a few circuits to keep or get you turning, let the knowledgeable staff at UEA help you build your next machine. To learn about more unique applications, visit our blog.

Ryan Tradel
Sr. Design Technician – Engineering