What Goes into a Hydraulic Swivel RFQ?

Posted on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 in UEA Blog

The swivel quoting process is a somewhat involved process.  Our goal is to turn the quote around as soon as possible, because we believe following through with quotes in a timely manner is a key to good customer service. UEA can receive the RFQ through numerous different outlets.  Customers can fill out the RFQ form on our website, our internal sales team might speak with a customer directly, or our sales representatives might speak with customers.

Once the RFQ form has been filled out with enough information to start the quote, it gets routed to the UEA Engineering group.  Some information might be absent at this point, but we can usually make do with what we have and take educated guesses at much of what might be missing.  We won’t, however, make any guesses at anything costly.  Rather, we ask the customer questions as we begin to design the swivel and give them the benefits of different design considerations. Then, the customer can decide which direction to go.

The Engineering group will design the swivel and slip ring if it’s a combo unit.  We will then have a manufacturability and design review.  A customer approval drawing is created to give an overview of the product.  Once we are comfortable with the design, it will go to purchasing to gather costs associated with the raw and purchased materials.  The project will simultaneously be routed to manufacturing and production team members.  These individuals will estimate the manufacturing, welding, assembly, testing…etc., times involved with producing this specific swivel.

All the costs for the swivel and/or combo unit are then gathered together in a quote-book.  When all the costs have been captured, a quote review meeting takes place that includes all the team members who were involved with the quoting process.  During the quote review meeting, all the input costs are analyzed to make sure we are giving our customer an honest and legitimate quote.  When all team members agree on the final price, a quote form is filled out and sent, along with the customer approval drawing, to the customer.

As one can see, a lot goes into a request for quote.  We are not simply taking wild guesses at what it might cost us to produce a swivel.  We work hard to win your business.  Fill out a RFQ form, or contact one of our sales staff to get going on a hydraulic swivel or combo unit for your next project!

Brady Haugo

Design Engineer

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