We're Adding On!

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 in UEA Blog

UEA slip ring production additionChange is in the air at United Equipment Accessories! UEA recently broke ground on a new addition to our south building. Crews are currently clearing the ground and preparing to move a building to make room for the new production space. The construction will give us 20,000 additional feet of production space and will allow us to consolidate slip ring assembly production from two buildings into one.

Fun Fact: In order to not disrupt production, our new addition will be built over the existing part of the building. Once the building is complete, the existing structure will be torn down to connect the space.

Once the new production space is finished this spring, slip ring production will move into their new space. The area that is currently being used for slip ring production will then be remodeled for additional office space for our customer service, supply chain, and engineering departments as well as a larger conference and break room for our growing team.

We are excited about the changes coming to our facility and hope that our new building will continue to allow us to improve our operations and respond to our continued growth.  We will continue to share updates this year and into 2020 about our new space.

Daniel Hanawalt
Business Development Director