UEA Solving Customer Challenges

Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2012 in UEA Blog

Have you ever needed a single, inexpensive part, only to be told you must purchase a complete assembly making your cost much greater than anticipated? At United Equipment Accessories, we take pride in the fact that we will provide any part, no matter how big or small, in order to help solve a customer's problem. UEA's customer service and engineering staff work diligently with our customers to find the right solution for their application.

In one instance, UEA was contacted by a small equipment service company in Schaumburg, Illinois. The firm was rehabbing an old Pettibone crane that had worn out brush assemblies after many years of use. They were thrilled to have found the original manufacturer of the slip ring. The UEA team worked with the customer and the firm was ecstatic with the fact that we would not require them to purchase a complete new slip ring. While the sale was small, we were more than happy to help solve the problem. A few weeks later, UEA received a hand written note from the owner of company praising UEA for the prompt service. UEA has received many similar notes of appreciation over the years from customers with such experiences and we are delighted when customers take the time to share their gratitude with us.

For the past sixty years, United Equipment Accessories has been building relationships and solving customers' problems. Whatever your needs – big or small – we are here to help.

Steve Dilger, – Sales Manager