UEA Selected as Top 20 Employers in Cedar Valley

Posted on Monday, September 20, 2010 in UEA Blog

Birdseye view of UEA

United Equipment Accessories, Inc. was nominated as one of the top 20 Employers in the Cedar Valley.  The Top 20 Employers of Choice in the Cedar Valley is an employee nominated award given each year to the companies nominated and selected.  About 200 letters from employees are sent to the Courier each year nominating their company for the award.  The Courier reads the letters and selects the top 20 employers based upon the letters.  UEA was nominated by Systems and Technology employee Grant Jensen.  When asked why he chose to nominate UEA and President Mark Hanawalt, Grant responded “Mark is a very laid-back, easygoing CEO, but at the same time, he expends energy looking for new industries UEA can benefit with our superior slip ring technology”.  “Development is ongoing at United Equipment Accessories, broadening uses for the products and finding better ways to manufacture them,” President Mark Hanawalt stated.

Some things that are encouraged at UEA are for employees to be active and healthy through a Wellness Program.  Employees are also encouraged to be involved in civic groups, charities, cancer walks and volunteer work.  Most recently UEA sponsored the United For a Cure Team for Relay For Life.

UEA is very proud to have been nominated and selected as Top 20 Employers in the Cedar Valley!  United Equipment Accessories is a leader in the production of slip rings, cable reels, cable carries and shift controls.  www.uea-inc.com