UEA Hydro-Electric Swivels

Posted on Friday, November 2, 2012 in UEA Blog

As the wind energy industry continues to move forward and grow, United Equipment Accessories has been increasing efforts to expand our capabilities. Recently UEA has developed our own hydraulic swivel line, which is a great product to accent our slip rings in the wind and other industries.

Wind turbines have two different types of pitch systems, electric and hydraulic. Both types of pitch systems require a slip ring; however, the electric pitch systems require a much more complex slip ring. The slip ring in the hydraulic pitch system is generally just opening or closing valves and sometimes sending communications. Usually when UEA is designing slip rings for hydraulic pitch systems, we are working with the turbine manufacturer or the hydraulic swivel manufacturer. This is because the slip ring must mount to the hydraulic swivel.

By adding the hydraulic swivel line, wind turbine manufacturers and site owners will have the option to buy a complete hydro-electric package from UEA instead of having two separate suppliers for their slip rings and hydraulic swivels. This will allow the overall package to be smaller, more cost effective and will also shorten the design time.

UEA is currently working on designs for several different companies outside the wind industry. Our significant investment in state of the art technology and equipment allows us to design and manufacture the larger/higher pressure hydraulic swivels used in the wind industry. It is our ambition to serve the not only the rotary electric needs, but also rotary hydraulic needs of wind turbine manufacturers.

Jesse Shearer

Design Engineer

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