UEA Expands! Slip Ring Assembly

Posted on Thursday, March 18, 2010 in UEA Blog

The latest recession has been challenging for many businesses, including United Equipment Accessories, Inc.  However, because of our excellent staff we have managed this downturn far better than those of the past.  Not only have we shown our team how highly they are valued by retaining all full time staff, we have never stopped planning for the future and striving to put systems in place for better efficiency and capacity.

The end of 2009 saw our investment in two new CNC machining centers.  One is a horizontal and the other is a vertical style unit.  Both are state of the art units that will expand our production capacity and capability for continued market expansions.

We are also planning a facility expansion that will be spread over two years.  The first expansion will be 4,300 square feet on our south plant facility this spring.  This will allow us to have separate areas for shipping and receiving to facilitate better material flow.  It will also allow us to move both our shift control and cable reel departments back into the south facility.  This expansion will connect to a present warehouse to facilitate inventory storage flowing to production.  With this expansion, our south facility will have no more room for contiguous growth.

2011 will see an expansion of our north plant facility with an additional 14,000 square feet.  Since our present CNC area is nearing maximum capacity, we need additional space for not only machine department area, but also potential assembly area.

As you now realize we never stop thinking about the future.  We want to have the capacity to always meet our customer’s needs.  We want to have to facilities to add people and equipment to produce the products on which our customer’s rely.

-Mark Hanawalt, President