UEA Earns GE Renewable Energy Supplier Award

Posted on Friday, June 28, 2019 in UEA Blog

Pitch control slip ring manufacturer, United Equipment Accessories (UEA), recently received an award for excellence in fulfillment from GE Renewable Energy—Onshore Division. UEA has been a slip ring supplier for GE Renewable Energy since 2007.

“UEA is honored to have received this award, and the UEA team has worked hard to achieve such a tremendous honor,” said Daniel Hanawalt, business development manager at UEA.

UEA achieved the GE fulfillment award by maintaining a high on-time delivery rate and picking up production when requested by GE.

“This award highlights UEA commitment to our core values—caring for our customers and treating them like family while working hard to ensure the customer receives a quality product on time,” said Hanawalt.  

About United Equipment Accessories

United Equipment Accessories (UEA), based in Waverly, Iowa, engineers and manufactures custom slip rings, hydraulic swivels, cable reels and shift controls. UEA’s products are used by equipment manufacturers in a wide variety of industries across the U.S. and the world. Learn more at www.uea-inc.com.

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