UEA Customer Service

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 in UEA Blog

To not only satisfy but to exceed our customer’s expectations tops our list of goals at United Equipment Accessories.  This means not only providing high quality, high value slip ring assemblies, cable reels and shift controls but exceptional service.  Customer Service is not a unique department at UEA but includes every employee.  This service starts with a real person, not a computer, answering all calls and a quick transfer of the caller to the correct department for a knowledgeable response.   Sales and Engineering are closely related at UEA and work closely together to provide the most accurate quotes for new products as well as providing personal contacts for any questions, revisions, suggestions, etc. from both new and existing customers.  Some of our personal contacts go back 30 years or more and relationships with specific customers for over 50 years.

UEA has been building slip ring assemblies for over 50 years and shift controls for nearly as long.  Support in the form of records, trouble-shooting, repair parts and repair service are still available for virtually any slip ring, shift control or cable reel assembly ever built at United Equipment Accessories.  It is not always easy to determine the exact model of slip ring used on a specific serial numbered machine built in the 70's, for instance, but with the advent of the cell phone camera, etc., today's technology has been used to identify some very old and limited production products.  Identification and problem resolution questions can come from both a final user or from the service department of a current customer.  If the final user needs parts or a replacement assembly, and the machine was built by a current UEA customer, the user is referred to the original manufacturer.  In such cases the manufacturer was and is UEA's customer and retains the right to sell repair parts.  If the manufacturer is no longer in business or declines the repair parts business and refers the user back to UEA then repair parts or complete new assemblies can be provided.  In a few applications an exact duplication of a complete slip ring or shift control is not possible due to the obsolescence by the manufacturer of specific cable connectors or similar parts.  In the case of an obsolete connector the problem can normally be resolved with the use of a reasonable substitute connector attached to the wire harness and supplied with the mating connector and terminals.  Repair service is also available at UEA and is always preceded by an evaluation by UEA personnel to determine if repair is justified or if a complete new assembly is the best option.

Personal service always has been and will continue to be a very important ingredient of the total customer experience at United Equipment Accessories.

-Brent Jensen, Head Engineer