UEA Custom 8” Bore Slip Ring

Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2015 in UEA Blog

Custom Slip Ring 1Another UEA-designed custom slip ring has made it through design and production and is in the hands of our customer. This new slip ring, being one of our larger bore series, accommodates an 8″ center shaft, allowing our slip rings to be used on even the largest applications. Extended studs are used on the non-rotating outer portion of the slip ring allowing the customer to mount it to their machine. The wraparound cover with latches allows easy access to the internals with the added protection from outside debris. The robust construction ensures the slip rings will be able hold up in the harshest of environments.

Custom Slip Ring 3The electrical portion of the slip ring assembly consists of four large power circuits with lugs for the customer to attach their own cable to both the rotating and stationary sections of the assembly. Also included is eight control circuits with a custom UEA-made harness coming from both ends of the assembly and five circuits for Ethernet using CAT5 cable and full silver circuits for increased reliability.

Custom Slip Ring 2All of these specifications were requested by the customer and the slip ring was built to suit their specific needs. We manufacture assemblies with a large range of bore sizes, some much bigger than this and some much, much smaller. Contact our customer service department and let them know what you’re looking for in a slip ring and we can design one for your particular application as well.

Ryan Tradel
Design Technician