UEA Advances In Manufacturing Capabilities

Posted on Monday, August 13, 2012 in UEA Blog

UEA is leading a charge straight into the future and leaving our competitors behind. With the recent acquisition of two new CNC machining centers, we are able to make higher complexity parts with less programming time and machining time.

UEA is using a new software called ESPRIT. ESPRIT is a type of CAM software, or computer aided manufacturing. It allows one to program the movements and processes the CNC machine makes. ESPRIT allows users to see not only the part being machined but also the CNC machine itself make all of its movements like tool changes, part hand offs, steady rest movements, and different types of cuts. The machining of a part is all pre-rehearsed prior to any chips being made. ESPRIT is a very visual based program so efficiencies can be realized through appropriate management of its routine. All the choreography is pre-rehearsed. Just as some of the elite USA gymnasts like Gabby Douglas painstakingly practice their routine, ESPRIT allows UEA engineers the ability to practice the dance routine of the CNC machine. Not only does this reduce the likelihood of expensive machine crashes, but we are also able to pass the savings on to our customers. The easier it is to program the machine, the more efficient the machine runs, and the more time and money is saved. Using CAM software is just a smarter way of making complex parts.

With these advances UEA is not only able to produce extremely complex parts with very good quality, but also be cost competitive compared to typically lower cost countries. Contact us for all your rotary applications, and we will work together to get the gold!