UEA's Yellow Brick Road

Posted on Friday, January 10, 2014 in UEA Blog

The manufacturing and assembly teams at United Equipment are committed to the initiative of continuous improvement.  We are focused on the areas of 5S, Safety and 'Lean' improvements with respect to floor space identification and layout.  Recently, a small team of engineering and shop floor personnel studied the layout of the shop floor and made a recommendation to designate areas for walking, material movement, safety, etc.  The benefit of floor marking is that it makes it very easy to identify where material items and/or people should remain.   The team assigned specific colors to be representative of each shop floor activity or purpose.  For example, yellow was agreed upon to be designated walk areas.  Red represents scrap areas.   And yellow/black represents a precaution or safety area.

To begin the initiative, the team selected the slip ring assembly cell as the model for the tape identification layout. Yellow tape was the first color to be placed down for designated aisle and walk ways.  Eventually, all areas in the facility will receive the same floor tape color scheme. The assembly floor is a far different place than the Land of Oz, but the repeated comment during the week was (you guessed it) “follow the yellow brick road!”  With all humor aside, the tape on the floor gives us a very visual display of our shop floor.  With the color scheme in place, anyone can quickly recognize the intended functional purpose of each area.  It also stimulates thinking for other improvement opportunities all the while supporting the role of 5S, Safety, and 'Lean' in the UEA facility.  It is just another step in our commitment to continuous improvement.  After-all, “There's no place like UEA!”

Wendell Greenlees

Production Supervisor