UEA's Vendor Appreciation Day

Posted on Monday, July 30, 2012 in UEA Blog

United Equipment Accessories has long held the view of suppliers or vendors as partners and vital to the success of UEA. No manufacturing company can be experts in the production of all of the components used to produce or assemble their components, so we rely on our vendors to supply us with the best products and services currently available. UEA Purchasing and Engineering both rely on vendor input based on knowledge and experience before issuing a PO or designing in new components.

UEA recently held a Vendor Appreciation Day and invited representatives from a dozen of the many vendors who have contributed to the success of UEA over the years. Mark Hanawalt, UEA President, welcomed all of the guests, introduced the UEA management team, gave a brief history of UEA and expanded upon the concept of vendors as partners. Keith Brandt, UEA Purchasing Manager, again thanked all of those in attendance and presented a plaque with years of service as partners to UEA to a representative of each company. Two of these companies have been supplying products to UEA for 50 years or more. Guests were divided into groups and given guided tours of both office and production facilities to not only see their products being used and installed but to meet the people actually working with these products. As partners, the more our vendors know about our slip rings, cable reels and shift controls and the way we use their products to produce them, the easier it is for them to recommend the best components. This applies both for ease of assembly and testing as well as to give the longest possible life for our customers. After the tour, a buffet lunch was enjoyed by the UEA 'partners' in attendance along with all UEA employees. This allowed for an informal but often informational interaction between the two groups.

Good customers are vital to UEA just as they are to any other company that wants to stay in business. Sometimes overlooked is the fact that without good vendors it is impossible to produce the parts to not only satisfy but exceed the customer's expectations. United Equipment Accessories appreciates our vendors and works hard to keep a solid and mutually respected relationship with each.

Brent Jensen, – Engineering Manager

Vendor Appreciation Day

UEA Vendor Appreciation Day 2