The UEA Way!

Posted on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 in UEA Blog

UEA is always planning for future facility growth needs of our slip ring, cable reel and transmission shift control product lines.  The current economy has made building construction prices more attractive.  We started construction on an additional 4300 square feet of production area in June.  We are anticipating completion sometime in late August.

Our south building addition will fully utilize the land area available for this plant.  The new building will actually attach to one of our current warehouses to facilitate cable reel inventory storage.  All future building expansion will be done at our north facility which has ample area for future growth.

This addition will allow our cable reel and shift controls departments to return to their old homes at the south plant.  We have completely reconfigured our slip ring production areas to more fully utilize lean manufacturing techniques and interdepartmental flow efficiencies.  All of the slip ring, cable reel, and transmission shift control departments will have gained 25% – 50% in potential capacity with the space reorganization and improved efficiencies.

The areas at the north facility that the cable reel and transmission shift controls departments vacated will be utilized for up to three additional dedicated lean manufacturing lines for slip rings for wind generator clients.  We will always have the capacity to meet your slip ring, cable reel, and transmission shift controls needs.  Being proactive for our customers is the UEA way.

-Mark Hanawalt, President