The Perfect Slip Ring

Posted on Monday, June 2, 2014 in UEA Blog

I was recently introduced to the works of Howard Moskowitz while watching a Ted Talk by Malcolm Gladwell. Moskowitz claim to fame is that after failing to find the perfect amount of sweetener for Pepsi he notoriously proclaimed “There is no perfect Pepsi…only perfect Pepsis”. His work and research studies there after the “failed” study are the reason that whenever we go to the grocery store we no longer see one set flavor but instead dozens of flavors of soft drinks, pasta sauces, and everything else. We now live in a world where we have more options than we even knew were possible.

While Moskowitz's research applies more towards the typical consumer I'd like to think that our customers deserve to be treated the same way, if not better. Though we have the ability to offer our quick ship slip rings off the shelf we typically will design a component specifically for a customer's needs. UEA has the ability to provide several options on our slip rings including enclosure style, circuit ratings, number of circuits, contact materials, and even a variety of harness and termination options. In the end what all these options provide the customer with is the exact product they need for their specific application. Additionally, these options save on cost and size, two things that many of our customers would prefer not to indulge on. Always adding to our options our hydraulic swivels are another way that UEA can provide customers with a single unit that will meet all of their rotary passage needs. Here at UEA we take pride in designing and building the best slip ring for a customer, because we design and build the best slip rings.

Kyle Riegel

Design Engineer