The customers are #1 at UEA!

Posted on Monday, May 2, 2011 in UEA Blog

In an effort to produce the best possible UEA slip rings, cable reels, shift controls, etc. to meet the needs of a customer application a variety of information must be collected.  Particularly with a customer that has very little or no experience with the desired product only very minimal information is often immediately available when requesting a quote.  This can be due to a lack of knowledge about the product or a lack of information from the person that requested that they obtain a quote.   Normally more details concerning the application, including dimensional restrictions, operating environment, sealing, etc. are required in order to match a custom designed and manufactured UEA product to meet or exceed the requirements of the application.  Occasionally a slip ring application can be met with one of the 3 or 4 circuit Quick Ship assemblies that UEA stocks but the vast majority of UEA products are custom designed and built to meet specific customer needs.

UEA Sales personnel and Sales Engineers work hard to acquire the necessary details about an application but also understand that the customer contact may have to obtain the required information from an engineer or even their customer.   This fact gathering process can often stretch the time frame for the production of an accurate quote but is a necessary part of the goal of producing the best possible UEA product for the customer.  If at some time during the details acquisition process it becomes apparent that the requirements are beyond the capabilities of current UEA products a referral will be made, if possible, to a manufacturer that may be able to meet the requirements.  UEA likes to solve customer problems with products that meet or exceed the customer's requirements and expectations.   At UEA the customer is still Number 1.

-Brent Jensen, Engineer