The Application of Mechatronics Engineering Principles for the Hydraulic Swivel Endurance Test Stand Build

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2016 in UEA Blog

The word “mechatronics” originated in Japanese-English and was created by Tetsuro Mori in 1969, an engineer of Yaskawa Electric Corporation. Mechatronics, the synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics, control theory and computer science, has evolved over the past several decades, leading to a novel stage of engineering design within product design and manufacturing, in order to improve and/or optimize its functionality.

Aiming at accelerating the verification process for our designed and manufactured hydraulic swivels, with respect to the performance and reliability, UEA started building an in-house hydraulic swivel endurance test stand. The test stand mainly consists of structure frames and mechanisms, motion control platforms, electric drives, hydraulic power supplies, electrical and electronic controls and data acquisitions. These are all integrated and automated through running PC-based control software. The design and construction of this test stand is a concrete practice in which the mechatronics concepts and principles have been applied.

feb 25 pic1

Test stand components

feb 25 pic2

Photo of the endurance test stand

With the drive and motion control platform designed and built, this laid the solid foundation for building the endurance test stand, a system integration approach has been implemented among the hydraulic system, data acquisition system, and electrical and electronic controls. The hydraulic system supplies the swivel rotational power and the required different testing pressure levels, while the electrical and electronic control system, along with the control software, commands the system to carry out the pressure testing sequence and cycles in terms of customer specifications.

UEA engineers and technicians have been spending the last few months building this in-house hydraulic swivel endurance test stand. Currently it is in the final stage for software debugging and trial test.  This test stand is expected to be fully function soon after conducting the trial experiments. UEA welcomes inquiries from our customers regarding its capability and functionality, further exploring how we can better serve our customers and validate the field performance and reliability of UEA supplied hydraulic swivels.

Bo Li
Design Engineer, CFPE.

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