Terminal Blocks for Slip Rings, A Growing Trend

Posted on Monday, September 12, 2011 in UEA Blog

As customers try to decide on how they will connect to their slip ring assembly, United Equipment Accessories tries to offer the best option to fit their application.  The standard connection type for UEA’s slip ring assembly is a universal knife disconnect terminal.  These terminals have been used for years and have proven to be very reliable; however some customers want easier connectivity.

Depending on the slip ring application and size restrictions, terminal blocks may be able to be incorporated into the stator and rotor connection points.  Although this adds an upfront cost, it may be worthwhile to a customer that requires their wire harnesses to be easily disconnected from the slip ring.

Most of the new wind slip ring applications require terminal blocks or plug-in style harness connection points so that costly labor time can be reduced up in the wind turbine tower.  Regardless of how reliable the slip ring is, or whether or not the slip ring will need to be replaced, this is a value added feature.

UEA offers a variety of terminal blocks from modular DIN rail designs to panel/chassis mounting designs and most recently purchased a terminal block marking system to allow more customization as well as shorter lead times on custom marker cards.

Josh Bockholt, Sr. Designer – Engineering