Supplier Performance Coming in 2017

Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 in UEA Blog

Like many manufacturing companies, United Equipment Accessories relies on our suppliers. With relying on them comes some substantial risk and potential disaster in the form of environmental problems, delivery failure, poor performance, or product defects. Most suppliers know that these are possibilities, but do not do not take sufficient steps to prevent this.  Next year the UEA Quality Team will roll out an evaluation process to help with these problems.

We will choose suppliers to work with based on the following: financial health, quality performance, delivery, and overall cost. We will also look at the higher volume suppliers.

Some of the ways we will be evaluating our supplier:

Site visits
Supplier questionnaires
Organizing performance data
Monthly phone calls with a supplier

We will decide how and when to use these methods. The team will start with phone calls, organizing performance data, and supplier questioners. If that is done correctly we know how the company is doing and onsite visits can be done less frequently. However, for high-risk suppliers, site visits are an important tool and makes it easier to accurately assess the supplier's ability to perform.

UEA Quality Team has been working on this over the last month and will be rolling it out in January of 2017.

For more information on UEA quality, check out our recent blog on incoming inspections.

Justin Wissler
Quality Technician