Stage Revolves on UEA Slip Ring

Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2016 in UEA Blog

UEA recently received a request to supply a very unique custom slip ring to be used in a stage production. The request came from a company in London that specializes in providing stage automation products. They have completed projects in over 30 countries and are known for providing world-class products and services, whether for a school theatre or a national opera house.

With a staff of over 160 specialist engineers and theatre technicians around the world, they are well equipped to understand the requirements needed for this production. With that said, they turned to UEA to provide the expertise and experience needed to come up with a solution for this very custom slip ring.

One requirement was the slip ring needed to be built to UL standards. While it can be financially unreasonable to seek recognition for every custom slip ring, UEA does build to the same standards of construction and materials whether for a recognized or unrecognized application. This allows the slip ring to be approved as a component of the complete assembly by UL.

The slip ring will require high power circuits along with several data and communication circuits. Basically (5) 300 amp @ 480 VAC along with (21) circuits for Ethernet, DMX, video and audio. These signal circuits will all be supplied with silver brushes on silver plated rings to insure the best possible signal. To keep within the size restrictions, our solution was what we call a piggyback style slip ring. This will consist of a larger 3.0” bore slip ring for the power circuits and a smaller 1.5” bore slip ring for the signal circuits mounted above. These will be connected with a flanged mounting tube. The entire unit will include a PVC style cover. A 1 meter brush and center cables will be provided for the power and Ethernet circuits. Camlock connectors are provided for easy connection on the power circuits. The final product will be installed in Chicago to provide power and signals to a rotating stage.

If you ever attend a show and the stage is revolving, just remember there is a good chance underneath it all could be a UEA custom built slip ring.

Steve Dilger
Customer Service Manager