Solving Problems, A UEA Mantra

Posted on Monday, December 13, 2010 in UEA Blog

We have just completed my favorite holiday of Thanksgiving.  At UEA we are thankful for our many wonderful customers.  We also hope that they are thankful that UEA slip rings, transmission controls, cable reels, and cable chain solve many of their design and performance issues.

Our contactless slip ring technology is already on the market and is solving issues that many sliding contact slip rings have with data signal loss or excessive brush wear in higher rotational speed  applications.  Our next solutions will be in large, high power slip ring applications where performance or excessive costs are frustrating users.  Our cable reel solutions will be in small footprint products to serve a higher need for quality products in several markets.  Imported products may have a lower initial cost, but within a relatively short period of time the value of our cable reels will show a lower overall cost.  Our transmission controls are solving quality problems in the airline industry with great success.  Finally our cable chain is proving that quality is important to customers.  Solving other vendor performance issues in our traditional heavy duty markets will gain us market share.

Our efforts to continue solving your problems is further emphasized in our efforts to increase capacity and capability internally.  With additional plant space for product department growth and continual upgrades in machinery precision, capability, and efficiency, we are ready to solve your future problems as they arise.

In this season of giving, UEA will give you are commitment to solving your design problems with our slip rings, transmission controls, cable reels, and cable chain, not only this year, but for many years to come in the future.  Happy Holidays!

Mark Hanawalt