SolidWorks for New Designs

Posted on Monday, May 9, 2011 in UEA Blog

United Equipment Accessories uses SolidWorks, a 3D CAD software, for all of our new design projects for electrical slip rings, cable reels and shift controls.  When designing new parts, it is critical to know where there will be interference and design issues when assembling parts.  In the past, some of these design issues were not discovered until the product was being assembled on the production floor causing costly tear down and rework.  Now with SolidWorks, we discover these issues before the design is released to production allowing a smooth transition to be built, inspected and shipped.

One of the critical issues with designing new slip ring assemblies is voltage spacing.  Depending on the voltage, a minimum air gap and over surface spacing is required between conductive parts.  With SolidWorks, we discover issues like this and are able to maintain the proper voltage spacing between the conductive parts.

United Equipment’s customers also appreciate that we are able to send them a solid model of their customer specific slip ring, cable reel or shift control.  With the solid model, they are able to drop it into their design to verify that they don’t have any interference or design issues to deal with before receiving the finished product.

In the end, design issues are much easier to deal with when discovered ahead of production and before the end customer receives the electrical slip ring, cable reel or shift control.

Josh Bockholt, Sr. Designer – Engineering

Sample Solidworks 3D CAD Drawing