Slip Rings for Small Wind Power

Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2011 in UEA Blog

As the AWEA Small and Community Wind Conference & Exhibition in Des Moines nears, UEA gears up for a slightly different style of wind power.

Just because a small or community wind turbine is smaller in size and power than the industrial grade wind turbines, doesn’t mean the slip ring follows act.  In fact a lot of the slip rings UEA builds for small wind towers are larger than slip rings built for industrial size towers.

Slip Ring for Small Wind TurbineThe reason for this is the slip ring going into the small turbines is not the hub slip ring as they are in the large turbines.   Most small turbines have no hub slip ring but instead a yaw slip ring that allows the entire machine head to rotate 360degree.  Since this is allowing all cabling going down tower to rotate, all the power the turbine is generating must go through the slip ring as well as any other power and or data/signal circuits.  In a hub slip ring for the industrial size turbines the slip ring is just sending power out to the hub to the pitch motors which are rotating the blades, and sending some data/signal back.

UEA will be attending and exhibiting at the Small & Community Windpower Show this Sept. 15th-17th in Des Moines.   We will be looking to add some new customers in an industry that is still growing and somewhat unknown as compared to the large turbine companies.  Stop by and see us at Booth #126!