Slip Rings and Cable Reels

Posted on Friday, July 2, 2010 in UEA Blog

United Equipment Accessories manufactures slip rings for a number of different and diverse industries from utility grade turbines to anti-two block reels (for both the service and maintenance and vacuum pumper truck industries). What has impressed me is the variety of different slip ring applications for which UEA can manufacture. We offer electrical cable reels with our slip rings in place. We design, develop and manufacture rings to our client's exact specifications within four weeks not months as I have seen from other manufacturers. UEA engineering listens to our customer's particular needs and designs a ring to not only meet but exceed those requirements. I am proud to say that UEA manufactures for a number of premier utility grade turbine OEMs. The list of crane companies for which we manufacturer is second to none. As the UEA mission statement states, “UEA provides innovative solutions for our customers specific motion application needs” and “to succeed where others have failed.”

United Equipment Accessories is striving to be the leading manufacturer of quality custom components for motion applications, Worldwide. Our customer satisfaction is beyond reproach. The UEA engineering and support staff is always available to answer questions on the four products that UEA offers, which means that you can actually talk to someone.

United Equipment Accessories offers a test and loan prototype slip ring built to each client's exact specifications for actual field testing in various harsh and demanding environments. This offer has been an excellent selling tool when speaking with both the engineering and purchasing managers we meet with, this is just one key point that differentiates UEA from our competition.

The UEA slip ring is a component that once in place speaks for itself in it performance, offering 50 -75 million revelations before the brushes need to be replaced. UEA is working on bettering the life expectancy so that the UEA slip ring will still be there when others have failed.

You will not go wrong in choosing to install our slip rings in your machines.

-Jim Carnegie, National Sales Director

 Close Up Of A Cable Reel With Ring