Slip Ring Retention

Posted on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 in UEA Blog

As a leading slip ring provider, United Equipment Accessories is continuously striving to provide solutions of electrical and now hydraulic transfer through rotating applications. While the rotating assemblies that we work with are the basis of what our company does, it’s the stationary section of the application that often gets overlooked. This is a key part of what makes our slip rings and hydraulic swivels function. When applying our slip ring assemblies to our customers' applications it helps to clarify the options.

Most of UEA's slip rings fall into the 1.50″ bore or smaller series. These assemblies can be small bore retentionTorque lugfitted with 5/16-18 studs that extend beyond the assembly, either the top or the bottom, and allow the slip ring to be dropped onto a plate or other flat surface and bolted on directly. These series also have the option of a torque lug that is tapped 1/2-13 perpendicular to the assembly that a rod, bolt or stud can be screwed into. The torque lug in some cases can be used at the top of the assembly as well.

Our larger bore series, 2.50″-8.00″ bore and beyond are similar in the fact that they too larger bore extended studscan have extended studs. These can either be the 5/16-18 or 1/2-13 threaded studs and can be extended to whatever length needed on either end of the assembly. This bore series also has the option to have torque holes added to the outer section outboards. These are usually over-sized holes that accommodate typically a 1/2″ pin or rod that extends through the hole. It is important to remember that the pin entering the torque hole needs to be undersized to that of the torque hole to allow the slip ring to ‘float,’ taking direct pressure off the bearing.

A final option that a customer can request is a custom torque bracket. These brackets can be added to either end of the assembly and customized to fit your application. The bracket is typically mounted to the base and often resembles a fork which allows a pin to hold the outer part of the slip ring stationary.

Hopefully this quick overview gives you a better idea of how UEA slip rings can be retained and options to consider when placing an order. Each of our slip rings are built with ease of installation in mind to gain and retain your business.

Ryan Tradel

Engineering Design Tech.