Slip Ring for Truck/Car Wash

Posted on Thursday, November 4, 2010 in UEA Blog

Truck Wash Slip Ring

UEA has long been a slip ring supplier to the rotary automatic car wash industry.  Years ago we were encouraged to design a slip ring for this application because of the severe quality problems and high cost the customers were encountering from our competitors.  The UEA slip ring design performed, on average, at least 5 times longer in service without maintenance and cost the customer almost 50% less.  One of UEA’s car wash customers recently requested a larger diameter water line for use in an automated truck wash.  The current car wash slip ring has a 3/4″ NPT stainless steel pipe passing through the center of the electrical slip ring and the new truck wash slip ring has a 1.25″ NPT stainless steel pipe passing through the center.  The new truck wash slip ring design would not work in our 1.50″ bore slip ring series so we had to design a larger version taking advantage of our 2.0″-4.0″ bore slip ring series.  We were able to make use of the domed cover used on our current irrigation slip ring in the truck wash slip ring which allows any moisture collection to quickly funnel out of the assembly.  Even though we had to change to a larger slip ring series, we were able to keep the customer mounting the same which means less work for the customer.  UEA tries to customize each slip ring to fit as closely as possible to their needs which allows our customers to keep their costs as low as possible.  The end result is working great for our customer and the new 1.25″ NPT water line is supplying up to 70 gallons of water per minute!

– Josh Bockholt, Senior Designer – Engineering

Car Wash Slip Ring