Setting a Higher Standard

Posted on Thursday, May 10, 2018 in UEA Blog

United Equipment Accessories’ name has become synonymous with quality slip rings for the wind industry. The charge to our Research and Development (R&D) staff is to always do better and perform at the next higher level. To that end we are always researching and testing for a higher level of brush performance in our slip rings. The sliding contacts that transfer power and data from the stationary to rotating member in pitch control systems need to last as long as possible.

UEA Slip Ring Brush for Wind TurbineUEA’s newest grade of brush is setting the standard for current industry design. It has outstanding electrical/electronic properties and is extending brush life well in excess of 10 years in the field. In addition, the inherent characteristic of copper graphite brush to create carbon dust during operation is dramatically reduced.

These brushes have received the most extensive testing to date in UEA history. They have been tested at varying speeds, temperatures, and humidity variations. This testing was done in both our on-site laboratories and at various field locations for complete verification. Maintenance will only be needed at normal preventative maintenance (PM) on turbines for visual inspection only.

We feel we have set a new standard for performance in the slip ring industry.

Mark Hanawalt