Rotary Table Slip Ring Replacement

Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2017 in UEA Blog

United Equipment Accessories was recently contacted for an opportunity to replace and upgrade an existing slip ring assembly for an indoor rotary table application. The customer requested (4) 400 amp., 600 volt circuits, (9) 100Base-T Ethernet circuits and (2) spare Ethernet circuits. In order to replace the existing slip ring, the mounting flange bolt pattern needed to match the existing flange, and the harness exit holes needed to line up with the existing harness conduit lines.

This new electrical slip ring has progressed beyond the design phase and is about to make its way into production at United Equipment Accessories. The S30Q series slip ring assembly makes use of our “piggy back” slip ring design, which consists of a combination 3” bore slip ring for the power circuits and 1.5” bore slip ring for the Ethernet circuits. This assembly also features a custom-flanged mounting tube with welded gussets and a painted steel enclosure with removable access panels.

The finalized approval drawing was provided to our customer to review the dimensional details and to ensure that the new design will fit in the existing slip ring space before the project was released to production.

electrical slip ring 1electrical slip ring 2

Josh Bockholt

Senior Designer - Engineering