Quality vs. Quantity

Posted on Monday, February 17, 2014 in UEA Blog

In today's world, quality and quantity are not necessarily at odds with one another.  Instead, they can coincide and to work together to provide the best experience for each customer.  At UEA, we strive daily to keep our quality high and to meet our customer's delivery dates.

As part of our quality team, we work closely with production to understand their needs to ensure a quality product leaves our door.  This requires making sure we have the proper tools (training, work instructions, procedures, etc.) and gaging equipment in place.  It is extremely important that each employee is informed how the product functions in the “real world” and be well versed in the product's quality related history.

On the production floor, each department has a metric board.  These boards include visuals of how our metrics are tracking throughout the year.  This allows quality to keep the production floor informed of quality measures both in house and from our customers.  By doing this, we give the production floor a better understanding of key items to look for when building any of our products.  Here at UEA, the quality department wants to give each employee a voice so that any opportunity they may have is heard.  This is one of the ways UEA is striving to make a better quality and more reliable product.

We are constantly learning how to improve our products and ensure that when a part leaves our door headed to yours that the product meets the requirements of fit, form and function.

Shari Pruett

Quality Assurance Specialist