Quality Measuring Equipment Training

Posted on Friday, July 19, 2013 in UEA Blog

United Equipment Accessories' employees have a vast knowledge of machining parts and building slip rings, shift quadrants and cable reels, however, times have changed with customers requiring verification of product being built per their specifications. The only way to be able to provide our customers with this information is to do inspections both at the machines and throughout the building process. This is where measuring equipment becomes critical.

Currently, employees are going through measurement training to learn about the tools UEA has available and the proper usage of each tool. For some, it is a refresher of proper techniques for tools that they may have used for many years. For others, it is opening the door to other tools that can provide better and more accurate measurements. Through this training, the participants will gain an understanding of how to use each tool in their day to day operations and the proper procedures and care for each piece of equipment.

As with each of our product lines, proper measurements and equipment are critical and hydraulics is no different. With the addition of hydraulic swivels to our product line, we have purchased new measurement equipment that is new to most of our employees. With the current training, hydraulic measurement tools are being highlighted to ensure employees understand the usage, care and capabilities of these tools.

As our customers' grow their policies and expectations, so does UEA to ensure that each piece of product leaving our doors exceeds our customers' requirements. The only way to do this is with critical inspection of parts throughout the entire process.

Shari Pruett

Quality Assurance Specialist

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