Pushing Forward

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 in UEA Blog

The 2013 year is projected to be a moderate year for UEA as well as many other companies. After coming off a record setting year in 2012, it's always challenging to push past that in the following year. UEA utilizes the philosophy that this type of year is an opportunity in and of itself.

When we have a pace that is not as hectic as a previous year, we have the time to take on other initiatives. Our production control (ERP) software replacement is such an impetus. Over the next 12 months we will be implementing new software systems which will allow us to better meet our growth goals for the next 5 – 10 years. Our old system has serviced us beyond its capacity. We know this process will be challenging, but the end result will be very beneficial for customers, vendors, and the UEA organization.

Another opportunity we will seize is the continued lean process improvement initiatives throughout our plant. This is an ongoing process that allows us to step through our production flow and create efficiencies in all of our slip ring, hydraulic swivel, cable reel, and transmission controller lines.

Finally, our engineering staff is doing a higher level of research and development initiatives than at any time in our company history. This includes everything from clean sheet designs to moderate tweaks in current products. We will be rolling these out over the next several months in all of our product groups under slip rings, hydraulic swivels, cable reels, and transmission controllers.

As I am fond of telling employees; you either change as an organization or die. At UEA we are constantly changing for the better, for our customers and employees.

Mark Hanawalt

President, United Equipment Accessories