Product Configurator for 1.50” Bore Slip Rings

Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 in UEA Blog

Back in 2014, United Equipment Accessories installed and implemented a new ERP system.  With this new ERP system implementation, our Engineering and Customer Service departments gained the Product Configurator module.  This new module allows Customer Service and Engineering to flow through a series of custom design selections to build a new slip ring quote.  As selections are made, the price is configured on an organized summary page.

As some of you may know, UEA designs highly customized electrical slip rings with hundreds of options to choose from.  Based on the various selections that are made, the new Product Configurator module configures the dimensional information along with the price.  In the past, Customer Service would need to consult with Engineering to get the dimensional information to pass along to the customer.  This task is now automated with the new Product Configurator.  For the 1.50” bore slip ring series, we have created generic drawings for Customer Service to plug in the dimensional information supplied by the new Product Configurator.

In a fast paced world, the turn-around time for quotes is crucial.  The new Product Configurator allows faster quotes and more detailed dimensional information to flow to the customer without the involvement of Engineering.  The Product Configurator is a great new tool which we hope will continually improve and streamline our quotation process.

Josh Bockholt
Sr. Designer – Engineering