Priority No. 1 – Customer Satisfaction

Posted on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 in UEA Blog

Providing customers with a quick response to requests is one of our top priorities at UEA. An example of this happened as recently as this past week. UEA had been working on a number of items that, in the long run, will be of great benefit to our company. We've been juggling these work related items while also getting work out the door for our clientele, which can be challenging at times.

A client sent an email requesting to add another air passage to operate an accessory on an existing hydraulic swivel. After giving it some thought, we knew what needed to be done. The spool length would need to be increased and a revision to the housing would need to be done. This request meant a new part number needed to be assigned to the hydraulic swivel, the combo unit (swivel w/ slip ring), along with new paint and seal kit part numbers. It was decided to revise the existing swivel, which would never be used again, to add the extra air passage. The models of the housing and spool were revised accordingly to provide the additional air passage. Care was taken during the addition of this air passage so as not to create issues with the other existing features when the models were rebuilt.

The next morning our client called asking how the revision was going and he was told the air passage had been added and the swivel and combo unit part numbers were changed. He then said he figured out a better way to solve the issue and would need for the models to be returned back to their existing state. The new features that made up the additional air passage were removed. This created other issues such as the failure of existing features. It was then decided to retrieve the backed-up files, models and drawings. They were downloaded back into the working folder that held the other parts for this swivel. Then all the assemblies were brought up to make sure they were still sound and retained all mates and parts contained in the assemblies.

Although unexpected and with changes, this is the service we want to provide to each client that comes to UEA for products and services – working together to find the right solution.

Van Veldhuizen

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