Planning for Future Family Involvement in UEA

Posted on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 in UEA Blog

This has been an extremely positive year for UEA. UEA customers seem to be hitting on all cylinders. The general economic problems that politicians currently describe are not impacting our business. Our revenues are at all time highs, by a significant percentage, and our employment has grown to meet the demand.

This demand for staff has allowed us to give many people career opportunities. One of those happens to be a direct descendent. On July 9th, my son, Daniel Hanawalt joined the organization as our new Marketing Coordinator. He worked in our organization during summers in high school and had internships in numerous areas of the Company during his years in college. After graduating and career experience in another company, he applied for our opening and was hired.

Now is an exciting time for new markets and products for our slip rings, cable reels, transmission controls, and our hydraulic swivel line soon to be on the market. We know that based upon this year and the potential we see for future years; this is the beginning of a new era of growth for UEA. Not only Daniel, but numerous new young talents have been brought in to transition us to the future.

As a valued customer of UEA you can be assured that the same “UEA Way” of doing business; that is outstanding customer service, excellent customized products, high quality, and engineering expertise will continue well into the future and flourish.

Mark Hanawalt, President