Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 in UEA Blog

I was recently lucky enough to hire a new assistant to help me become more organized.  My life is not getting any less hectic.  One of my favorite questions to ask new associates after a month or two of employment is, “What does your family ask you most about UEA?” or “What do your friends or community members think we at UEA do?”  The answers are always very interesting.

The first impression is that the physical size of the company is not very large.  The view from the highway may lead you to think that.  However, we now have over 80,000 square feet of plant, warehouse, and office to facilitate our operations.  This includes the 40,000 square foot south plant and the 40,000 square foot north facility.  Because of the anticipated growth in our hydraulic swivel product line for machining and assembly, we will be adding an additional 14,000 square feet to the north facility in the coming months.  We are receiving a very nice reception to our hydraulic swivel initiative and we plan on building on that in 2014 and beyond.

The second impression about UEA is what we do.  Because of the rather generic name that my aunt, Roberta Iserman, chose for the Company, it can be confusing.  She thought the name would allow us to build anything we want in the future.  Further, our original remote control products were “equipment accessories”.  However, my assistant says that the word on the street is that we rent equipment or they really aren't sure.  The reality is that UEA builds some of the world's most well regarded slip rings on the market.  These electric swivels, now being combined with our hydraulic, swivels gives us a quality, value added package to sell to a broad market and take us into the future with more growth yet to come.

Mark Hanawalt