Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Posted on Monday, March 4, 2013 in UEA Blog

Ever have a craving for a PBJ sandwich? Thanks, in part, to a UEA slip ring, a major US manufacturer of both peanut butter and a variety of jellies and jams now offers pre-made PBJ sandwiches at your local grocery and convenience stores. This manufacturer was having trouble finding replacement parts for the slip ring portion of the large mixer units used to blend the dough for the bread portion of their PBJ sandwiches. The mixers were originally built in Europe and the slip ring manufacturer was no longer in business. UEA was contacted in an attempt to solve their problem and although unable to supply replacement parts, did design a complete slip ring assembly to meet both their electrical specifications and fit within their space requirements. This slip ring assembly was designed to power (6) three phase motors with a total of (24) 75 amp @ 600 VAC circuits. The first of these slip rings was built in 2007 with other mixers being upgraded to the UEA slip ring assemblies since that first one.

In 2012 when the sandwich manufacturer decided to expand into an even larger mixer, they specified a UEA slip ring be installed on the new mixer designed by the European manufacturer. This latest slip ring is designed to power a total of (7) three phase motors with a total of (28) 100 amp @ 600 VAC circuits. The assembly includes 15' long 4 AWG center wire leads and (7) 10' long 4/4 neoprene jacketed brush cables to simplify customer attachment.

With over 50 years experience in building electrical slip ring assemblies United Equipment Accessories has provided solutions to a multitude of slip ring needs for both new and retrofit applications and we welcome new challenges.

Brent Jensen

Engineering Manager