New Year Initiatives: Quality Assurance

Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 in UEA Blog

As 2014 came to an end, it is time to begin our 2015 plans. In our quality department that means finishing up the previous year's analysis and kicking off the improvements for the entire quality system. We compile warranty and in-house non-conformances as well as look at our suppliers to better the product that comes in to our doors. This helps us determine our top priorities for improvements.

In 2015 we have many quality improvements on the horizon. Some include areas on the production floor and others focus on aspects of our customer service. We determine critical items in which areas of our business are affected. For example, if we have a repeated issue that affects our end customer, but the suspected part comes from a supplier, we begin looking at incoming inspection, reliability of our in-house test procedures, customer usage and what controls the supplier has in place.

This requires a strong relationship between both our end customer and our supplier to have open communication on the details. With year-end wrap up, we put together a big picture analysis where we compare our customers' metrics to our performance. Trends can be seen and we dive deep into analysis for these areas to determine what processes and/or controls we can put into place to eliminate the trend. Plans are always in place long before the New Year arrives; however, the best-laid plans are ever changing to ensure focus remains on the customer and their needs.

Shari Pruett
Quality Assurance Specialist