New Machine Doubles Hydraulic Swivel Capacity

Posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 in UEA Blog

On a snowy morning in January, a Mori NT5400 arrived at United Equipment Accessories after making an over 6,000-mile journey from Japan to our facility in Waverly, IA. Since its arrival, a great deal of work has been done installing and testing the machine in preparation for production use machining hydraulic swivel spools and housings. The machine just recently finished the final stages of testing and has completed its first few production jobs.

The NT5400 features multiple axes machining at speeds of up to 12,000 rpm and an over 40-inch travel x-axis. We're extremely pleased to have the machine up and running as it will double our production capacity for hydraulic swivel manufacturing.

The NT5400 complements the NT6600 nicely in machining various sizes of hydraulic swivels and is an important addition to UEA, which will help us better serve our customers in the hydraulic swivel product line.

Daniel Hanawalt
Business Development Manager

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