New Cable Reels!

Posted on Friday, December 18, 2009 in UEA Blog

United Equipment Accessories, Inc. has identified the need for a more rugged and dependable anti-two block cable reel for small cranes with extensions up to 75′.  This need has been reinforced by discussions with several small crane manufacturers and users who have experienced a variety of problems with the smaller cable reels currently available for this market.   The need exists for reels for both new cranes and for replacement or retrofit applications.  Keeping the replacement market in mind, UEA has and is developing cable reel models with mounting holes to match those currently being used by existing reels.  The UEA cable reels can be supplied with special cable and/or specific quick disconnect electrical connectors to meet customer requirements.

With over 50 years of slip ring production experience for the harsh environments experienced by off-road and construction equipment UEA is confident that the slip ring portion of this new series of cable reels can easily meet or exceed the expectations of the end users of the equipment to which they are attached.  The slip rings can be built with the exact number and rating of circuits to meet special needs beyond a standard two circuit anti-two block assembly.  The new reels are designed using over 25 years of cable reel assembly and sales experience to be as rugged and reliable as possible for these small crane applications.

Cable Reel