New Aftermarket Wind Slip Ring Solves Challenges

Posted on Monday, July 1, 2013 in UEA Blog

United Equipment Accessories has recently designed a new and improved slip ring for the Wind Ringaftermarket Clipper wind turbine. The new design has many improvements that make it more robust, improve the sealing, remove the external wiring exposure and enhance the communication circuits.

With unknown and varying vibrations from turbine to turbine as well as the rugged handling which the slip rings are exposed to, the new ball bearing design dramatically improves the life of the bearings over the original design.

The new stainless steel clam shell cover design improves the sealing in comparison to the cylindrical sleeve design. This new design also allows for removal of wind ring1the cover for inspection or maintenance while keeping oil and other harmful elements out of the slip ring.

The original slip ring design had external conduit with wiring to the upper harness connection points. The new design has eliminated the external harness conduits, integrated the new upper harness connection points into the top plate of the enclosure and eliminates Wind Ring2the bulky exposed parts that were often damaged in handling during the installation process.

Due to the harsh and sometimes unknown environments within the wind turbines, the communication circuits have been enhanced to improve the reliability in these environments. The silver graphite brushes now ride on coin silver rings that are much more resistant to corrosion. This results in more reliable communication.

Josh Bockholt

Sr. Designer – Engineering