Mission, Vision, Values, and Culture

Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2015 in UEA Blog

The past two years I was fortunate to attend Monday’s practice round of The Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club. From these trips I've learned about the history of the golf club, the tournament, and the Green Jacket. This event came about from the efforts of two individuals, Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. Their mission, vision, values, and culture made this a reality and helped them overcome the issues they faced to make this happen. These same characteristics are what determine the strength and growth of any company like United Equipment Accessories. Below are some of the events that occurred to shape and form Augusta National followed by events that made UEA the company that it is today.

In 1930, Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts dreamed of building a golf course in Augusta, Georgia. They consulted Thomas Barret for possible land options. He recommended a 365-acre parcel of land called Fruitland Nurseries, which they purchased for $70,000. Dr. Alister MacKensie of Scotland was the course architect and work began in 1931. The name Augusta National was selected and a national membership was established to form the club. The course opened in 1934 for the winter season. That same year, Jones and Roberts decided to host a national event – the Augusta National Invitation Tournament. It was decided 18 holes would be played Thursday through Sunday. The first tournament was played in March of 1934. In that same year the nines were reversed. The Green Jacket began in 1937 and members wore the jacket during the tournament. The name was officially changed to The Masters in 1939.

In 1952, Vern Iserman began a small manufacturing operation in his garage in Waverly, Iowa; which is known today as United Equipment Accessories. In the early 1960s, we designed and patented our own line of electrical slip rings. Later in that same decade UEA developed an electrical transmission controller for off-highway vehicles to shift transmissions. In 1982, UEA introduced cable reels to the market in response to cable reel's users needing a product manufactured with a reliable slip ring. Recently, UEA started to develop our new hydraulic swivel product line. This line offers an all-hydraulic rotation package as an option. This product can be packaged with our electric slip rings for a complete electro-hydraulic package.

UEA has been a family-owned company since 1952. This is due to honoring our family values and treating our customers like they are part of our UEA family. Our Mission has always been to provide innovative solutions for our customers’ specific needs and our vision is to be the preferred provider of quality custom components for motion applications. Our values are embraced by showing integrity and maintaining high ethical standards, the “UEA WAY”, while creating value in all that we do. The culture at UEA is to provide accessibility, accountability, and commitment to all involved; along with an exceptional product and service for our customers. We have aligned and established long-term relationships with outstanding suppliers. We have and will continue to provide ongoing commitment and support to our community. United Equipment Accessories has adopted the philosophy to allow each employee to design and manufacture quality products while always striving for improvement. UEA supports and provides management the tools to implement operating systems that are essential to our company's success. Through our actions as a unified corporation, we continually hope to improve the quality of our products, as Jones and Roberts continually improved their tournament and course.

Thomas Van Veldhuizen