Keeping an EYE on Things

Posted on Thursday, May 12, 2016 in UEA Blog

Part of developing any new product line, or improving existing product lines for that matter, generally involves a considerable amount of thorough testing.  For a product that has an anticipated life of many years of normal operation, an accelerated method of testing must be created to have meaningful data in a reasonable period of time.  Many times reaching the desired accelerated level will require the product undergo testing that runs nonstop 24/7 at a very rigorous intensity.

The hydraulic endurance test cell at United Equipment Accessories does just that. The test stand is situated in a room specially designed for extreme testing.  The room has its own ventilation system, automatic fire suppression and fire doors, reaching a two hour fire rating. The control system for the test stand is designed to monitor every aspect of the device under test as well as all the active components of the test equipment.  If anything is out of defined parameters, the system will shut down.

It is still very important to be able to monitor what is going on within the test cell at any time without having to physically be present.  This technology has recently become very affordable, thanks to the popularity of webcams and video surveillance.

Situated within the test room are two cameras.  One is a fixed position unit with zoom capabilities that can give an overall view of the room.  On the opposite wall, nearer to the test stand, is a full function PTZ or Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera that can be controlled by the viewer to look at nearly any aspect of the test.  Because of WEB capability, these cameras are tied into the network allowing access to authorized viewers (i.e. anyone involved in the testing program) from anywhere that has internet service, even a cell phone.  The alarm capabilities of the cameras also allow the system to alert specific users via text or email if the test has stopped due to any failure.

PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera

Fixed Camera

Fixed Camera

Client View

Camera – Client View

With this arrangement, the engineers involved in the testing program can monitor at will and be notified of issues almost anywhere they might be if problems should arise.

Kent Davis
Senior Engineer