Just a Little UEA “Family” Gathering

Posted on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 in UEA Blog

United Equipment Accessories has always been a family owned company, and will probably stay that way for long into the future.  As a world class manufacturer of slip rings, cable reels and shift controls, UEA has a solid reputation befitting a large corporation.  Yet when it comes down to day to day operations within this company things are handled in very much a “family way”.

Admittedly some things have had to change in how they are done to meet  ISO Certification.  The necessary levels of record keeping and traceability documentation sometimes seems to take away from what in the past seemed to be a more relaxed, everyone knew what they were doing and why, atmosphere.  Of course as UEA  continues to grow and production increases, these practices are not only important to meet the requirements of ISO Certification but they become an absolute necessity to maintain control of the many varied processes that occur.

From time to time we have to take a few moments to remember we are still a “family” operation.  Several times throughout the year there are various opportunities for the United Equipment Accessories Family Members to join together in fun activities.  One such activity is a home-style potluck dinner.  Everyone brings a dish of choice to share and all are gathered in an open area between the shift quadrant/cable reel area and the shipping receiving area to enjoy a wide variety of foods and deserts.  Of course after all this great food, everyone has to go back to their posts, wishing for a nice nap.

 UEA Potluck
UEA Potluck 2

Kent Davis

Design Engineer