ISO and Hydraulic Swivels

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2013 in UEA Blog

Currently at UEA, ISO 9001:2008 is implemented into our electrical swivel, shift quadrant, cable reel and hydraulic swivel product lines.  Since the launch of our hydraulic swivel line in 2012, UEA has been working diligently to make sure that hydraulics is meeting the Quality Management System that is in place.  Recently, UEA had a third party audit on the ISO system and how it relates to the hydraulics portion of our business.  Our hydraulic swivels are fitting nicely into UEA's current quality system.  Procedures, work instructions and quality inspections have been put into place to ensure the hydraulic swivels leaving our facility have met our high quality standards.

Our procedure for hydraulics includes the entire process from machining to assembly of the hydraulic swivel.  The work instructions break down key procedures to ensure the process is followed correctly and acts as a poka-yoke through various manual processes.  Both of these pieces of information aid in training of the operators and stress the importance of quality in everything we do.

During our third party audit, the hydraulic process was looked at from a production point-of-view.  The auditor went through machining, deburring, cleaning and inspection (including calibration of tools).  With any audit the key is finding areas of improvement and this audit was no different.  Our system is working well, but the audit allowed us to identify areas that can become more robust.

UEA is proud to announce the ISO 9001:2008 certification of our hydraulic swivels. In the near future, we will be working on key processes such as machining and quality inspection.  The focus will be placed on adjustments that will grow the entire hydraulics process into the well-oiled machine that we currently enjoy in our other product lines.

Shari Pruett

Quality Assurance Specialist

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