Hydraulic Swivel Costing Strategies

Posted on Monday, July 21, 2014 in UEA Blog

When a customer fills out a request for quote and submits it to UEA, our quoting process begins.  We take the customer’s requirements and design the swivel.  Some of the main driving forces that dictate the final design are as follows, in no particular order.

  1. customer requirements: port size, port function, port orientation, pressure level, thru hole size, mounting brackets, and whether this is a combo unit with a slip ring or not
  2. Industry standards and material properties: such as port geometry and accepted pressure levels for given port size, yield strength, fatigue concerns, as well as stock material condition and size
  3. Manufacturing capabilities:  Needed clamp area, overall length of part, groove depth, deep drill diameter to length ratio, material cut quality, steady rest usage, spindle hand off logic, surface finish and many other details.

When all this details are taken into consideration the swivel can start to evolve into a something that can be ready for quote and customer approval.  However, even when all these factors are taken into consideration there is still room for interpretation of what will affect the final price the most.  Many times we will design the swivel two or even three separate ways and carry those designs thru the quoting systems to see which design works best and yields the lowest price.  We use considerable effort to give our customers a cost effective solution that fits our capabilities, anything less would be a disservice to our customers.   We will design the swivel that fits your application at a cost effective price with excellent customer service.  See our swivel webpage or call us to get started on a hydraulic swivel quote.

Brady Haugo

Design Engineer

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