Hybrid Slip Rings

Posted on Friday, June 18, 2010 in UEA Blog

There are many challenges slip ring manufacturers face in dealing with harsh environments and rugged applications, but data circuits seem to be a common issue.

UEA has recently partnered with PowerbyProxi who has developed an advanced contactless/wireless slip ring technology.   This has allowed UEA to manufacture what we are calling “Hybrid Slip Rings”.  This is a combination of a traditional UEA slip ring along with the contactless slip ring technology.

Currently our wireless slip ring design is capable of handling 750watts of power along with Ethernet or CANbus.  However, some of our applications require high power circuits that cannot be done with the wireless technology. With our hybrid slip rings we are able to meet the high power needs along with the most reliable data circuits available, all within one package.

For example, in the wind turbine market the data circuits are troublesome because of the harsh environment.  Vibrations, leaking oil and extreme cold temperatures are all present in wind turbines and can all affect the resistance of a slip ring circuit.  With the new hybrid slip ring UEA is able to handle the high power circuits with conventional rings and brushes, which we do without any issues; and in the same package use the contactless technology for the low power and data circuits to completely remove the possibility of the of them being affected by the environment.

UEA has came up with a solution that has removed one of the few troublesome areas of the slip ring and moved closer to create the perfect slip ring. This is simply one example as new technologies arise UEA has devoted itself to staying “ahead of the game” as a slip ring manufacturer.

Jesse Shearer -Design Engineer