How Long does it Take to Manufacture a Slip Ring?

Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 in UEA Blog

At UEA, a common question we hear is, “How long does it take to manufacture a slip ring?”  That’s actually a difficult question to answer.  Since UEA manufactures custom slip rings, the range of manufacturing time can fluctuate greatly.

Small Slip Ring

There are a lot of factors that go into the manufacturing time of slip rings.  First is the overall design of the slip ring assembly.  If it includes several new parts custom to the specific design, it will lengthen the process.   If the slip ring needed is very similar to something UEA has already built, the amount of engineering time is greatly reduced and the slip ring will get to the manufacturing floor quicker.  Another contributing factor can be the required purchased parts.  Some customers require very specific cables, connectors, encoders, etc., and these parts can have lead times of several weeks, which can extend manufacturing times.

One other contributor to lead time is outside processes, such as anodizing.  In some cases we have to machine aluminum parts and then send them out for an anodize process that can take weeks.  Obviously this will add to the standard time it takes to manufacture as our process cannot start until the parts are received.

Q Style Slip Ring

In the event that a ring has already been designed and there is no long lead time purchased parts, UEA can generally build a ring in 2 weeks or less depending on the production schedule and if the purchased parts are on hand.  Below are a couple examples of rings that would have completely different manufacturing times required to build.   Again, this is a very design-specific related question that will greatly depend on the customers’ requirements.  However, when the requirements are determined, UEA can give an accurate lead time.

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Jesse Shearer
Sr. Application/Design Engineer