How Does UEA Work with Customers?

Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 in UEA Blog

Over the years there have been a multitude of successful, long-term partnerships with some famous pairs in the entertainment field such as Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis among others.   These partnerships were successful for many reasons, but one reason was the fact that each of the partners played a specific role suited to their specific talents.

At UEA we like to form partnerships with our customers using our expertise with electrical slip rings, cable reels, hydraulic swivels and shift controls in conjunction with our customers’ superior knowledge of their markets and actual working environments to design and build the products that meet or exceed their expectations.

Recently we were contacted by a customer of many years concerning a problem reported from the field.  In this situation the UEA product involved a shift control and the problem was a loosening of the screws retaining the shift lever to the switch drive bearing.  After a brief review, it was determined that although not a problem with most of the shift controls sold by UEA, in this instance the application involved a very high vibration environment for many hours per day.

UEA’s first suggestion was to switch from a medium strength Loctite Threadlocker.  Testing was done to verify that the screws could still be removed if necessary without adding heat.  The second suggestion was to slightly increase the torque specification from 30 to 35 in.-lbs. during the installation of the screws using a regularly calibrated torque wrench.

Both suggestions were approved by the customer and the new specifications have been added to the work instructions.  Field testing will be used to validate the success of the improvements, which were added without any cost increases.  If other revisions are required in the future, UEA is here to work with our partners to help solve their problems as they may arise.

In this case the customer, and partner, was happy to have someone respond to their problem and work with them on a solution.   Webster’s Dictionary describes a partnership as a sharing and that is what we always hope to do.  When our customer shares their needs and problems with UEA we will use our knowledge, gained through more than 60 years of operation, to solve their problem and meet their product needs.  Thus a partnership is formed.

For more information about UEA working with customers, visit our blog.

Brent Jensen

Senior Project Engineer