How does UEA Support Customers?

Posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 in UEA Blog

One of the biggest advantages United Equipment Accessories (UEA) offers is the ability to react quickly to customer requests when problems arise. A good example of this happened a few weeks ago when one of our hydraulic customers in the forestry industry called to discuss an opportunity for improvement.

Section View of Hydraulic Swivel
Swivel Section View

They came to us after one of our rotary unions had started leaking at low pressures and at low temperatures. We quickly sprung into action to remedy the situation.

After the issues were brought forward, our engineering and sales teams made a phone call that same day to our customer’s design engineers to further discuss the issues and help formulate a plan of action to solve the leaking issues.

Our engineers immediately worked with seal suppliers to help redesign the swivels with a seal that could withstand the colder temperatures. We also changed our existing zero leak plugs with plugs that would prevent leaking at these extreme conditions and harsh environments. In addition, we met with our purchasing team to explain the urgency of getting parts in quickly so that the customer could eliminate the leaking issues as soon as possible.

Through the quick work of our team, we were able to find a solution for our customer to get their rotary unions up and running as soon as possible. Because we are a customer service-focused organization, we seek to truly live out our core values. This is realized by caring for our customers, going above and beyond to find a solution and working as creative problem solvers.  We strive to ensure our customers get the immediate service they deserve.

I am proud to see the level of commitment to our customers that our employees provide here at UEA. Learn more about the United Equipment Accessories core values here.

Thor Larson
Engineering Manager