Have It YOUR Way!

Posted on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 in UEA Blog

Since the times of the Industrial Revolution the need to produce products at an increasingly greater rate with less and less labor has been a driver to greater efficiencies and output. At UEA we are constantly evaluating and implementing changes in processes and equipment that will help to increase our efficiencies and reduce labor costs in an attempt to reduce, or at least maintain, production costs. Some of these costs of doing business are difficult, if not impossible, to control such as constantly rising healthcare costs and increasing stringent workplace environment regulations.

Bucking some of the current business trends is the UEA continuing goal to provide the best possible solution to meet or exceed the requirements or expectations of our customers, at the most reasonable cost. We try to match our slip ring, cable reel and hydraulic swivel assemblies as closely as possible to the actual requirements of the application and go to great lengths to obtain this information from our customers and build it into the product. You can actually have it YOUR WAY at UEA. This includes everything from combining the exact current and voltage rating circuits within the slip ring to the correct length wire harnesses, including plugs and connectors to mate with customer harnesses. It also includes using the best combination of brush contact and ring materials to meet the actual needs and performance of each individual circuit without drastically exceeding the performance requirements of that circuit for its intended application.

This philosophy of customizing the product to meet the requirement is carried over throughout the complete UEA product line where again the idea is to supply a product to meet the need and requirements rather than force the customer to adapt to a standardized product. We are often asked to make recommendations concerning ring and brush materials, wire types, mounting methods, etc. for a specific application. Years of experience have provided some insight into matching components with applications but it is ultimately the customer that makes the final decision. At UEA you do not have to settle for what is stocked or currently available but can actually have it YOUR WAY.